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     I've been through so many cleaning companies at home that I've forgotten most of them. Not carpet cleaning. I'll be with these guys for years. It's all the little details, dusting behind my books and mopping every inch of the floor. I have yet to find a single fault and every time they come round I find a new and delightful way in which they've made my house a little cleaner. Getting rid of all the crumbs from the toaster tray was the latest one. carpet cleaning have even made my breakfast better - how can you improve on that?
P. Shelton01/11/2013
     I never thought I'd managed to get my place this clean, this quickly. I'm sure you're like me, constantly desperate to find the time to get your apartment in any sort of shape, anything you could come close to being proud of. But I'll tell you, the easiest way. Just hire carpet cleaning. Best move I ever made. Everything is so tidy and clean now. It's really helped me organise my life, knowing that I don't have to worry with all those worrying little details. They just make my life easier, not sure I can offer higher praise than that really.
William McCabe22/10/2013
     I really love my kids. I want to make that clear from the outset. I really love my kids, but they drive me mad sometimes, just trying to keep on top of the mess they're capable of making. If you've got kids, you'll know that it's almost magical, the way you turn around and then suddenly the entire house is an utter state. carpet cleaning were sent to me from a friend, who knew I was stressing with the kids and work. carpet cleaning came round, and instantly everything was starting to look cleaner. I didn't have to lift a finger and now the place is just so much better. Even my kids love them.
     This is my first time writing an internet review. Not really sure what to put. I can't really offer much beyond my honest opinion, which is that carpet cleaning are the best company I've ever had the pleasure of working with. I'm in an industry where we work closely with cleaning companies (don't really want to specify) and the staff at carpet cleaning are a constant delight. So much better than the usual dour lot. And they do such a wonderful job, you'll be wishing you had more work to give them. Really top pros and always recommended.
Kit D.21/10/2013
     There's not a day goes by where I don't thank the lord that I managed to find carpet cleaning. You'll never believe that I lucked upon them, but they were the first company I called. I thought that this level of service was the norm, but chatting to some friends who also deal with cleaning companies, I can see that carpet cleaning really are just above and beyond everyone else. I'm reluctant to share their name with too many people, don't want to reveal all my secrets. But I can honestly say that this company really are the best, and I'd never go anywhere else.
     After the weekend we had had, hosting possibly the biggest party we'll ever host, I could never see the end in sight. I certainly couldn't see the house being restored to itself by the next day. We booked carpet cleaning in advance, knowing we wouldn't be able to handle the clean up ourselves and they were an absolute credit to their industry. From now on, the first thing I do when I organise an event will be to make sure that carpet cleaning are available. I'm almost certain the house is cleaner now than it was before. It's this kind of diligence which has me shouting from the rooftops.
     You'll forgive me for being blunt, but you're not going to find anyone better than carpet cleaning. Just give up. Honestly. In my life time, and in my trade, I deal with cleaning companies on a day to day basis. Have been for years. But these days, I won't call anyone else. It's carpet cleaning or nothing. Or I just wait until they become available. Their hard work and excellent customer service has become an integral part of my business and I've often had customer's remark on the cleanliness of our properties. These lads are just the best at what they do.
K. Evans20/10/2013
     If I had a penny for every time someone asked me how I manage to keep my house so clean while working all week, I'd have enough to hire carpet cleaning for everyone I know as well. People think I'm a changed woman, and I daren't them the secret behind keeping all my windows so clear and my surfaces so shiny. I'm so sorry, carpet cleaning, that I'm taking the credit, and I actually apologised to one of your staff, but they just laughed it off. Honestly, I love these guys more than anything, I'd hire them every day, if they actually left anything to clean.
Maria G.20/10/2013
     What's better than working all day, sound in the knowledge that you can come home and not have to spend the entire evening trying to scrub the lime scale out of the shower. These days, I don't even know where we keep our mop. The level of service provided by carpet cleaning means that I can rely on them to provide me the platform for a fruitful and enjoyable life. This may sound like I'm over stating things, but you'll never know how useful this company is until you've tried them for yourself. Will certainly be putting these guys on my Christmas card list!
Graham Y.19/10/2013
     I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at carpet cleaning for all the help they've given us over the last two years. I originally got in touch with carpet cleaning to provide some occasional cleaning at my parent's household. They have certain medical requirements which hinder them when it comes to some of the more difficult cleaning duties. Everyone at the company was really understanding and did such a good job that they now clean my house as well. Just wanted to pop by and show my appreciation, as carpet cleaning have really helped us out over these last 2 years.
Q. Hodges19/10/2013