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The Most Useful Cleaning Aids
11Jul 2014
The Most Useful Cleaning AidsAspiring to an ultra-clean home, or to do a huge spring clean is one thing – but what tools will you need to get you there? If you, like many others, have cupboards crammed full of half-used cleaning products and wish to streamline your choices – then look no further. For here we have created a list of the most invaluable things that you will ever need to help you in your cleaning endeavours. Things that you can be sure will never go to waste. The first purchase that we recommend you invest in is a steel bucket. This is big enough and sturdy enough to hold all of your cleaning tools. Plus because it is steel there is no chance of it rusting. This is one bucket which will last a lifetime. It won’t matter If it gets bashed, dropped, kicked or anything else – it will remain tough and useable for a very long time.Next up is a spray bottle. Forget buying expensive commercial products all the time – you don’t need them. With just one spray bottle you can create your own cleaning solution out of products already found in your cupboards and this will be all you need. It can be used and refilled and used again time and time. And for more tough cleaning requirements, choose a multi-purpose cleaning powder. There are new and fancy cleaning solutions coming onto the market all the time – but this powder is a well-kept secret. It may not be the most popular choice in today’s market, but this powder has been available for over a century. Its slightly-abrasive form works wonders on cleaning porcelain, ceramic and stainless steel. It’s well worth keeping a tin tucked into your cleaning bucket. The next item on your list should be a scrubbing brush. A simple, wooden-backed brush with firm bristles is definitely a worthwhile purchase for indoor use. It will remove the need for frantic scrubbing with a cloth, just a few strokes of this brush with a decent cleaning product and your job will be done in half the time with half the effort. Don’t forget reusable cleaning cloths. There will always be situations where you need a cloth to wipe over shelves, basins or cupboard doors and it’s easy to spend a fortune on constantly replacing them. With a pack of reusable ones, there’s no need. Just clean, stick them in the washing machine and they are fresh to go again the next time you need them. And whilst you are getting your home spick and span, what about protecting your skin? Every diligent cleaner should have a pair of latex gloves. These need to snugly-fitted, yet comfortable and practical and the best option to go for is a pair lined with cotton if you can. These will feel wonderfully comfortable and provide you with all the protection you need whilst attending to those dirty tasks. Another thoroughly recommended product is a glass and surface cleaner. This will get your surfaces sparkling in no time. It is particularly recommended for use on windows and mirrors but there’s no need to stop there. Just take a look at your fixtures and fittings and see what can be polished up in an instant. And lastly – vinegar. This age old product has so many cleaning benefits. Simply dilute a cup of vinegar with water and decant it into your spray bottle and then you are good to go. This solution will take care of muck, dust, grime and scum no matter where it is in your home. It’s a fantastic, cheap, all-purpose cleaner that will see you through many a cleaning session.

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