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Reducing Kitchen Odours
01May 2014
Reducing Kitchen OdoursThe kitchen is a place that can get pretty smelly. Whether it is the rich and delicious smell of tomatoes cooking for an Italian dish, or the fumes of your oven burning off the charred grease inside it, you will not want the smells to linger for too long, as they can become a little over powering, especially if they are not pleasant ones! The fact of the matter is that you need to be able to remove any smells that linger, as they can go bad and really make the place an unpleasant place to be. The fact is as well, that a bad smell is a sign that your kitchen is not as clean as it should be, and if there is a room in the house that should be clean, then the kitchen is the main one! Preparing food needs a clean set of surfaces and highly maintained cooking equipment. You need to be on top of the cleanliness in your kitchen, as otherwise you are going to end up with an unsafe environment for your food preparation!Cleaning out the fridge every now and again is a good way to remove smells, as the smells in your fridge will often be caused by spillages that have not been noticed and turned sour. Milk and other dairy products are likely suspects when it comes to this, but all sorts of things can go bad and smell disgusting if not attended to. Even if your fridge does not smell bad, you should clean it as often as you can, preferably when you have little food in there, as otherwise it can be a real pain to get rid of it all in order to clean! Once you have cleaned it out, be sure to sprinkle baking soda around the inside and leave it for half an hour. Baking soda is great for absorbing smells, and will mean that you put your food back in to a fresh and clean space! If you want longer term solutions, try putting half a lemon rind in the fridge door, filled with baking soda. The lemon’s fresh scent will give you a wonderful smelling fridge for a long while.If your oven kicks up a stink when you set it to pre heat, it is because it is burning things that it should not be! When you get a chance, you should clean out the oven, to ensure that you are not at risk of burning up all the left over grease and fat that can accumulate in there, as this is both disgustingly unpleasant in terms of smell, but also a massive fire risk! The fact of the matter is that high heat and high grease content are not a pleasant risk, so get the gloves on, and pull the oven cleaner from the cupboard and get going! As a general rule, be sure to open the window and put on the extractor fan when you are cooking, as this will pull the smells form the room as you create them. The less moisture that settles in the room the better, as damp is a big cause of strange smells. Clean the tops of cupboards as well as the insides and the surfaces throughout the kitchen, to ensure that you are getting the best chance of removing anything that could smell bad. If you are up on all of these things, then you will have the best chance of a stink-free kitchen for as long as you keep them up!

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