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How To Professionally Clean Your Office
23Jan 2015
How To Professionally Clean Your OfficeIt is important for workplace productivity that the environment is clean and tidy. To get your office looking professionally clean, there are a few options that you can take into consideration.PreventionOften the best form of office cleaning is prevention. There are a number of preventative techniques that individual staff members can do on a daily basis to make cleaning easier and keep the office atmosphere feeling clean. This instils positive work ethos in team members and encourages them to be in control of their environment and take charge of keeping in clean. Simple rules set in place for each desk or office should include: having a waste bin and recycle bin for each desk; having files and organisational systems in place so that papers don’t get messed about; not allowing staff members to drink coffee or eat at their desk, only allow this in the designated kitchen space. Encourage staff members to limit the number of items on their desk space to reduce clutter. Often clutter can be the worst form of mess. It isn’t necessarily unclean but it contributes to a negative atmosphere. Staff members should utilise drawer space and filing cabinets to reduce clutter. Shared cleaningIn the communal staff room or kitchen area, implement a roster system among your staff members of who is in charge of cleaning for the day. This creates a balanced sense of responsibility amongst workers. Keep the tasks simple and specific to the communal area. Keep a basket stocked with essential cleaning products, such as microfiber wipes, paper towels, surface spray etc, and have this available for staff members to use. Have a cleaning procedure in place, simple things such as loading the dishwasher at the end of the day, taking the trash out, and wiping down hard surfaces. When each staff member does their bit each day, it will make an enormous difference in the cleanliness of the office work place. At least once a week, all staff members should be responsible for cleaning their own office space. This can be a Friday afternoon task or a Monday morning task depending on how you encourage your team members to tackle the task. Just basic cleaning like dusting behind furniture and around the computer, including the keyboard, will make a big difference. This can be achieved by providing all staff members with their own personal microfiber cloth so that they have it readily available to clean and dust their desk when necessary. ProfessionalHiring a professional agency is also a good idea for office cleaning. A contractor from a cleaning company will be able to come in after office hours and vacuum, sweep, dust and clean surfaces so that the next morning the office is spick and span for staff. This is the best option for larger offices with lots of staff members. It can save time and reduce stress levels for employees if they aren’t expected to do hard cleaning. Many larger offices choose to have professional cleaning services come in each night. For smaller offices it may be a better investment to have a cleaner come once or twice a week so that you aren’t losing too much money on unnecessary amounts of cleaning. Basic cleaning tasks, like putting papers in the bin and cleaning up a coffee mug in the staff room should still be a staff member expectation if a cleaning company is hired.

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