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House Cleaning Shortcuts
12Nov 2014
House Cleaning ShortcutsWhether you are having some guest come over to your place or simply want to sort out the mess before you leave for work, simply follow these steps and you will be able to squeeze a quick house clean within an hour. Of course, if you are neat freak with high standards, this post may not be for you. 1.    Clear all surfacesWalk through every room in the house, or preferably the ones that the guests are likely to visit, and scoop up any stray items lying about on the sofa or the floor.  Clear things off things on the shelves or counter that shouldn’t be there or things you don’t want the guests to see. If you do not have time to put them back into their own place, tuck them away in a basket or a grocery bag and remember to put them back in their places after the guests have left. While you are at it, also try to tidy up things around the place a little. Like stack the books and magazines on the coffee table and straighten the coasters or rearrange the cushions. Patterns give the interiors a more organized look. 2.     Conceal stainsYou might have just noticed that your husband left the coffee mug on the table without or coaster or that the ugly patch on the sofa attracts attention. If you do not have time to clean the stain, throw a tablecloth or throw over the table or sofa. After the guests are gone, remember to call up the cleaning company or sofa cleaners and schedule a visit. Same thing goes for anything in your kitchen, cover your scratches or stains with a potted plant or an appliance strategically placed.. If your sink is full of unwashed dishes that you don’t have the time to do, either stack them neatly or hide them in a stock pot until the guests are gone. 3.     Air the roomsIf your rooms smell musty, you need to spray some air freshener in the room. If that doesn’t help, open the windows and let some breeze flow through the house. You may also leave a few of the windows open, if it is warm and your cooking is likely to release aromas. 4.    Clean the bathroomThe only other room in your house apart from the living room which the guests are most likely to visit is the bathroom, so make sure you have made it spic and span. Give the counter tops and mirror a wipe down, remove any soap suds or marks from the shower glass or others. Sweep the floor to collect stray hair and tissues. Remove your toiletries from the counter and put them away in the cabinet. If your bath mat or towel is dirty, replace it with a clean one and put the old one in the washing machine or in the tub. Any other thing that you don’t want the gusts to notice also goes in the tub (make sure it is dry). Shut the shower curtains. Before you leave make sure the toilet is scrubbed clean. If not, pour some bleach and allow it to remain for some time. Just before the guests come, flush the toilet. 5.    Close the doorsIf you have been a slob when it comes to home cleaning and haven’t had a chance to clean the other rooms in your house, shut the doors to the other rooms in the house, just in case the guests pass them. You should get by doing this much for a surprise casual visit. But when you have the time, do give your house a thorough cleaning or better still, get professional cleaning agencies to do the job for you.

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