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Domestic Rug Cleaning Via Dry- And Water-Based Methods
03Dec 2014
Domestic Rug Cleaning Via Dry- And Water-Based MethodsThe two main types for deep cleaning of rugs are as usual - the dry cleaning method and the wet cleaning method. They both are efficient and can make the rugs in your home shine like new, but the journey becomes a little bit more difficult if your rugs are handmade, with long fibers or Oriental maybe. There is a vast array of other rugs with capricious colors, textures and fibers, which are truly difficult to clean although truly impressive to watch. There is no doubt - the rugs provide that unmatched comfortable and cozy atmosphere in home, which alters the mood, soothes the senses and captivates with imaginary forms. Because of that, you should take good care of the rugs at least twice a year by deep cleaning all the stained spots and the spots that see the heaviest foot traffic. Except for the simple yet amazing tricks for protection of the rug like turning it on the backing or rotating it to change the areas which see the most wear, one should use the professional cleaning services of the professional cleaners. On the other hand, taking good care of the rugs throughout the entire year ensures their original shine and outlook, as well as making them longer lasting and more visually pleasing. Next are few advices for the domestic cleaning of rugs, which usually takes place every month or every season.The dry cleaning method combines the vacuuming power for cleaning big areas and the brush cleaning for small stained spots. First, let`s begin with cleaning via vacuum cleaner. Make sure to read the label on the rug before buying it. If it`s good for vacuuming - so this method can be applied every month as well. It is a good removal of dust, dirt, sand, grit and other bigger particles. Therefore, you will have a cleaner rug to continue with further deep cleaning tricks. They may include a special dry compound or foam for carpet and rug cleaning, and again - make sure that the label of the rug allows the treatment with these compounds. Such deep cleaning treatment is more suitable for a final cleaning, which enhances colors and restores texture due to more persistent stains. Just apply the foam onto the stained spot, leave for a while and use a clean towel to wipe off the excess. Another clean towel may be used only for dabbing the area so most of the wetness is cleaned up. Or else, use a stiff brush with nylon fibers to treat the heaviest spots.Although most of the rugs are handmade and they aren`t recommended for water cleaning machines - in some occasions this is a better way for domestic cleaning of heavily dirty rugs. In all cases - avoid steam-cleaning machines, because the hot steam can damage the fibers of the rug or it can remove the bright nuances of the colors, even the synthetic ones, not to mention the original ones. A hot-water cleaning system is the right opt. A rental hot-water machine can do the perfect job, but make sure to use the right detergent solution as well. From deodorizers to sanitizers and dirt dissolvent solutions - there is a variety of cleaning chemical to add in the hot water. So, again follow the instructions on the label of the rug before cleaning. The hot-water cleaning method is a little bit slower, because it needs more time for the rugs to dry completely, such as a full day or two, but the waiting is definitely worth it.

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