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Commercial Cleaning Do's And Don'ts
02Sep 2014
Commercial Cleaning Do's And Don'tsDo.-    Hire a commercial cleaner as soon as you start in your new space!It is essential that you are getting the place professionally cleaned by a commercial cleaning team straight away, as otherwise there is a chance that things will get delayed, and the business will suffer because of the dirt in the place. You need to avoid the office, shop or restaurant getting at all dirty, as this can severely affect your business, in that customers will find it unattractive. As a restaurant, hygiene is en of the most important things that you need to get sorted before you open up shop, so having a cleaning professional involved form the start is essential. -    Have the place cleaned every evening. If you try and stagger the cleaning any more than this, then the dirt will almost definitely become too much. Whether you are in an office or a cafe, you need to have a spotless space, and with any sort of footfall higher than that of a domestic home, you need to be cleaning the place every evening, after the place closes. Office cleaning on a large scale may need a team of office cleaners to come down after the office has closed, so be sure that you have a team organized well in advance, to avoid any issues as you move in to that office. -    Hire cleaners who get on with the staff.It is essential that should your cleaning team come in to contact with the staff at your business, they are able to talk to them and get along well. There is little use in having a cleaner in if they do not get on with a member of the office that stays late very night. You will find that it can cause some serious grief! Vet your cleaners during the trial shift, and get notes form any staff member who may encounter them, so that you are completely sure as to who you are hiring for your office cleaning.Don’t-    Let things get sloppy.Once the cleaners have passed the initial trial stages, they may well slack off a bit, giving you less of a good clean for your money. The only real way to check on this is to leave things in places that should be cleaned, but can be missed. Try leaving something on top of a high window sill, or behind a door, to check that the area gets cleaned and the object is found. If these things are still in place when you come back, or if there is still dust in higher places etcetera, then the fact is that your cleaners are not giving you their best work.-    Get overly friendly.Whilst you want decent people working for you, you also need to keep a certain amount of distance, to prevent there being any inconvenience that stems from being friends with the cleaning team. Should you need to have a stern word with a cleaner, or fire one, then it will be a lot more difficult if you are friendly with them beforehand. Be professional, civil and polite, but do not let your being nice to people in the office get in the way of your professional outlook. -    Pay too muchYou will find that getting a decent number of quotes in before you even do the trial shifts will mean that you know what the marketplace looks like. You need to have a good idea of what you should be paying for what you need in advance of the meet or trial shift, as in these situations it is easy to get convinced of a deal that is not perhaps as good as it sounds.

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