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Cleaning Your House Before Leaving For A Holiday
29Mar 2014
Cleaning Your House Before Leaving For A HolidayIt might seem like an odd idea, but taking the time to clean your home before leaving for a holiday can be a great option. Not only does it allow you to return to a clean and tidy home – easing the transition from holiday break back to the real world – but it means that you have nothing to worry about during your time away. When it comes to keeping your home as clean as possible, the time just before a holiday is also a time which you will not be able to do any cleaning for two weeks. Whilst you yourself might not be living there, a bit of deep cleaning just before you go can mean that there is no danger of any issues exacerbating or growing in your absence. While it could be beneficial to hire in a professional cleaning service before you depart, there are a few other areas which – aside from general home cleaning – could well be addressed before you leave. Read on to discover just a few tips which you can employ in order to make sure that you return to the cleanest and freshest possible home. Perhaps the first thing many people notice when walking through the door is the smell. If you are going away for an extended period of time (a week or more), a room which has been locked up can get fusty and staid. As such, finding a way to keep the air fresh can be a challenge but can be a hugely rewarding one. When it comes to day to day life, letting fresh air in might be simply a case of opening a window. While you are gone on holiday, leaving a window open will likely be a terrible idea and a huge security risk. However, there are other options. If a friend or neighbour whom you trust has a key, it might be worth asking them to open a window for a few minutes’ every few days. This will not only allow fresh air into the home, but will afford them the opportunity to check out the home and make sure that everything is in order. If this is not feasible, it is possible to purchase a time delayed scent releasing product, which will inject a scent of perfumed air into the home every now and again. While this might be an artificial solution, it can mean the moment you walk through the door is far more pleasant. For those looking at long lasting issues which they might need to deal with, a big and deep clean before you leave can stop the potential spreading of bacteria. Cleaning a bathroom in the time before a holiday dramatically lowers the chance of grime and mildew spreading across a shower curtain or along a bit of grout. This means that while you are away, you don’t have to lie in the sun with worries about how clean and fresh your shower curtain is, safe in the knowledge that you put it through the washing machine before you left. One of the real benefits of a thorough clean before you leave is that it allows you to focus on tiny details which you might otherwise have missed. Cleaning around plants can remind you to water them before you leave; cleaning and dusting radiators can remind you to sort the heating out; cleaning window sills can remind you to check whether everything is locked and can give you the chance to check while covering every inch of the house. A big clean before a big holiday can often be the best thing for your peace of mind.

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